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Essential Ghost Hunting Equipment to Pack for Haunted Trips

If your trip involves a ghost walk, haunted hotel or ghost tour, you might want to consider packing ghost hunting equipment. Having the right gear will enhance your enjoyment of the experience, and might just help you convince your friends and family that you really DID see a ghost!

Ghost investigations, also known as paranormal investigations, are becoming increasingly popular with tourists and travelers. Haunted hotel stays, haunted tours, and visits to cemeteries are at the top of many traveler’s “must do” lists when visiting famously haunted destinations like New Orleans, St Augustine and more.

With recent advancements in technology, it has become more and more possible to argue the evidence of ghosts and other paranormal activity in a completely scientific manner.

Whether you’re a seasoned investigator or just starting out, it’s important to have the right equipment to help you document and understand any potential paranormal activity. By using certain pieces of equipment, we can better understand matters that lie beyond our physical realm and gain hard physical evidence rather than merely rely on speculation.

In this article, we’ll go over the essential items and equipment you need for a successful ghost investigation.

Building a collection of investigative gear can be daunting. The following tools will allow you to collect a variety of data without breaking your back – or the bank.

It’s no secret that ghost hunters love gadgets, but all of those electronics can get heavy and expensive. Experienced investigators often need to pare down to the essentials at sites where space is limited, but are unsure what to pack. Beginners are often confused about where to start.

Here are a few items including the one that no paranormal investigator should leave home without, as well as the ones that more experienced ghost hunters swear by.

Essential Ghost Hunting Equipment Checklist

Must Have Ghost Hunting Equipment

  • Flashlights
  • Tape
  • Infrared Thermometer
  • EMF Detector
  • Digital Camera
  • Video Camera
  • Audio Recorder

Nice to Have Ghost Hunting Equipment

  • Spirit Box
  • Motion Detector
  • Laser Grid
  • Two Way Radios

Flashlights for Hanging out in Haunted Houses

One of the most basic and important items you’ll need is a reliable flashlight. Investigating haunted locations often means going into dark and potentially dangerous areas.

A flashlight is crucial for both your safety and the success of the investigation. Choose a bright flashlight, with a long battery life, and consider bringing extra batteries or a backup flashlight just in case.

Painters’ Tape

Rolls of blue painters’ tape make a surprisingly helpful addition to your investigative tools. The tape can be used to label equipment to help identify later where its data was collected. It is handy for securing the perimeter of an investigation site (showing if doors have been opened, etc.)

Painters’ tape can also be used to make emergency repairs, say if a battery cover breaks on a piece of equipment, or to attach flashlights to your cameras.

Infrared Thermometers for Detecting Spirits

An infrared thermometer can measure temperature changes. Some paranormal investigators believe that paranormal entities can be detected by searching for cold spots in an area.

The theory is that ghosts draw in heat energy whenever they are attempting to manifest which leaves a small area several degrees cooler than the surrounding environment. Sudden localized decreases in temperature are often offered as evidence of spirit activity.

An infrared thermometer can help you detect these changes and potentially gather important evidence.

Digital Cameras for Ghost hunting

A digital camera is another essential tool for a ghost investigation. You can use it to capture still images of the location and any potential paranormal activity. Make sure to bring extra memory cards or batteries to ensure you have enough storage space and power to capture everything you need.

Photographs are essential to a paranormal investigation because they provide data that can be used to both identify and debunk a haunt. As camera technology progresses, the variety of digital cameras available grows exponentially. With so many choices, what type of camera is best for ghost hunting? The model with the highest resolution (megapixels) and ISO (light sensitivity) you can afford. High resolution means that you can capture greater detail and examine your shots more thoroughly. High ISO will allow you to capture images in low light without using a flash, which is often a necessity at historic sites trying to preserve fragile artifacts.

Video Cameras for Filming Ghosts

In addition to a digital camera, you’ll also want to bring a video camera to record any potential paranormal activity. A video camera will allow you to capture longer periods of time and potentially capture audio evidence as well.

Consider bringing a tripod or stabilizer to keep the camera steady and reduce camera shake. You should also make sure your device has adequate memory for your recording session. If you are not able to connect your video camera to a power source, be sure to pack extra batteries.

Audio Recorders for Paranormal Investigations

Audio recordings have the ability to reveal sounds and voices not heard by investigator — Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP). These phenomena are a strong form of research data used to confirm a haunt and to help identify its source.

This is another extremely important tool to have when conducting a paranormal investigation. EVP recorders are used by asking a question out loud with the hopes of a spirit responding. Common questions that are asked during an EVP session are as follows.

 What is the ghost's gender and name?
 When did they die?
 Are they alone?

Sometimes, the results picked up from one of these machines can be quite eerie and is one of the best methods of actually making contact with a spirit.

EVP can be captured using traditional tape recorders, microcassette recorders, and digital voice recorders. Most investigators opt for the digital variety because the recordings can be easily transferred to the computer for analysis and there is no need to buy a new cassette for each investigation.

Make sure to choose a high-quality audio recorder and bring extra batteries and storage space.

A Spirit Box for Speaking to the Dead?

A spirit box is a device that rapidly scans through FM or AM radio stations. Some paranormal investigators believe that ghosts or spirits can use this device to communicate with the living. The spirit box is controversial among investigators, and some believe that the results are nothing more than radio interference.

Nevertheless, it’s worth considering if you’re looking for potential evidence. It’s best used in conjunction with your recording device so that you can review any odd ghostly utterances you might happen to capture

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Meter for Ghost Detection

An EMF detector measures electromagnetic fields. EMF or electromagnetic field detectors are used to measure energy fields and are capable of detecting the presence of spiritual energy. They are one of the more common and widely used instruments that investigators use when conducting a search and are a must if you are seriously attempting to find ghosts.

Most paranormal investigators believe that ghosts or spirits produce electromagnetic fields. By using an EMF detector, you can potentially detect sudden changes in these fields, which could indicate the presence of paranormal activity.

EMF meters are also a great “rule out” for paranormal investigations because they can also detect natural causes for suspected ghostly activity. For example: high levels of electromagnetism can be produced by microwave ovens, power lines, and dimmer switches.

Even low to moderate levels of EMF can cause people to feel paranoid, disoriented, and even have the sensation of being touched by unseen hands. Pinpointing the source of these fields can help rule out some claims of supernatural disturbance.

Two-Way Radios for Communication During Spiritual Investigations

Two-way radios can be a great tool for communication between team members during an investigation. They allow you to stay in contact with your team even if you’re separated in different areas of the location. They are also useful for staying safe and helping to boost your confidence if you are feeling “spooked” by your surroundings. A two way radio can help you stay connected to the material world.

Choose radios with a long range and clear signal and be sure to pack plenty of extra batteries!

Motion Detectors for Sensing Spirits

Motion detectors are a useful tool for detecting movement in the investigation area. They can help you detect potential activity in areas where you aren’t present.

Consider using a motion detector to alert you to potential activity in other areas of the location. Simple security cameras that combine motion detection with photos and/or video are a good choice for setting up ghost “traps.”

Choose a system with long battery life and make a plan for reviewing and/or backing up footage.

Laser Grids for Capturing the Presence of Ghosts

Laser Grids are one of the newer and more expensive ghost hunting tools out there.

The premise is that the machine emits lasers throughout a room that offers the opportunity to visibly see and detect a visible mass when an entity manifests or passes by. This typically works best when set it up near a video camera while it is recording. If any type of disturbance in the laser field is found, you can view the footage frame by frame and see the details.

A Sturdy Case or Backpack for Your Ghost Hunting Equipment

A heavy duty bag or case is recommended for transporting your gear. Many investigators rely on compact and lightweight pistol carrying cases because of their cushioned interior and locking handles. These can be purchased at sporting goods stores. Other investigators prefer the comfort and portability of a padded backpack. The roominess of most backpacks allows the ghost hunter plenty of space for extra batteries, tapes, and other accessories.

In conclusion, if you want to conduct a serious and scientific search of a potentially haunted location, then consider investing in the appropriate gear. The right tools can make a world of difference when trying to prove the existence of ghosts and obtaining physical evidence.

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