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Instagrammable London & London Hashtags

Instagrammable London

London is arguably one of the most Instagrammable places in the world. So why not kickstart your Instagram-worthy London adventures by following and engaging with some of the best London hashtags and social media accounts?  You don’t need a passport to start planning this adventure. In this post we’re taking a trip to London via social. We’ll be paying particular attention to where to stay/Instagrammable London hotels and neighborhoods, what to do (and what London Tiktok hotspots you can’t miss), and what to eat at the most Instagrammable London cafes.  No need to buckle up or stow your device. This trip starts now.

Oh, I love London Society! It is entirely composed now of beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics. Just what Society should be.


Planning a Trip to London? Look at London on Instagram

Perhaps the reason that planning a trip to London seems so safe, and so familiar, is the fact that we all feel we’ve “been there” in a way. There are so many films based in London that when I arrived there the first time with my kids they acted like they were touring a film set, rather than a foreign city. “That’s where Harry Potter…” and “Bridget Jones over there…” and “In that Love Actually scene…”  I’ve lost count of the number of movies I have watched set in London but I will never grow sick of seeing this city. On film, in person, and via social media posts, London will always be special to me.

Part of my family came to the USA from London, and every time I go there, I feel I am rubbing shoulders with familiar ghosts. Names and dates and street signs are personal to me. This distant heritage gave me my initial sense of familiarity with this historic city. But it’s social media that’s helped me hit the ground running and decide what to do now.

Looking at London on Tiktok and following London based Instagram accounts is honestly the best place to get the scoop. Social media is where you will find the really cool non-touristed places to eat authentic food, the latest art installations and that really cool roller skating dude who pops up in front of landmarks from time to time.

A simple Google search of London is going to yield basic info, blog posts and guides that (usually) have an agenda. It’s easy to find official sites and tour sign ups. These may or may not be current. If you want up to the minute and authentic intel,  you need to do a social search.  But unfortunately social media is not like Google. Searching London on Instagram or London on Tiktok can be frustrating and spam filled.

Allow me to make it easier.

Our follow recommendations vary from official to offbeat accounts. All of the accounts we recommend checking out, were found using the hashtags we noted.  

Consider these your roadmap to discovery.

Instagrammable London Neighborhoods & Places to Stay or Visit

One of the first, and perhaps difficult, decisions you will have to make when you book a trip to London is where to stay. This sprawling city offers many different neighborhoods, with distinctly different flavors and little in common except for the fact that they all welcome tourists.

The good news is that no matter where you plant yourself in London, you will be able to get around quickly and easily via their extensive bus and underground system.  Should you prefer an Uber or a Taxi these are also easy to find. But they are not necessarily a faster way to reach your destination. In fact it can take quite a bit longer to make your way across the city by car.

Here are some  of the neighborhoods you might consider staying in, along with their hashtags. Taking a  little bit of time to explore each neighborhood via their hashtags, is a nice way to look before you buy. It can help you get a feel for what it’s like to stay in/ visit the area.

  •  Notting Hill (#nottinghill) is known for pastel colored row houses, and charming shops. It is a high end area, with bohemian flair. Because it is slightly outside the busy city center it is a little calmer to explore. You will find boutique and cafes, great shopping and plenty of photo ops.
  • Canary Wharf (#canarywharf) is an industrial waterfront area to the east of Central London. There is a large convention center located here and many hotels and restaurants that cater to conference attendees.  Greenwich is another nearby area with a more residential feeling.
  • Westminster (#westminster) is a lovely place to go for a stroll. There’s many historic government building and statues here, and a view of the eye. It is adjacent to St James park. You probably won’t want to stay here  but it is a lovely area to explore.
  • Kensington (#kensington) is where the moneyed sort dwell and hotel and shopping prices reflect this.
  • If you like city block parks, book shops and being surrounded by students, you will enjoy the neighborhoods of Bloomsbury  (#bloomsbury) and Fitzrovia (#fitzrovia). Lodgings in this area are more affordable (if less luxe) and an easy underground or bus trip to almost anywhere. The British Museum is in Bloomsbury, and an absolute must.
  • Camden is an “edgy” but often tourist filled area known for its markets, shops, music scene and proximity to Regents Canal (#camdentown & #camdenmarket). It’s not a particularly touristy area to stay but the markets can get crowded during the day. Stop for lunch in the market and take a ride aboard a canal boat afterwards for an alternative view of the city.
  • Busy is a good description for the City of London (#CityofLondon). Here you will find traffic, tourists, schlocky shops and many museums and activities. If you like to be in the busy heart of the city, and would like to walk to the Tower of London and London City walls, then you might want to stay here. Hotels are competitive and rates are high.
  • Theater and nightlife lovers will find themselves at home in Covent Garden (#coventgarden), where restaurants are open late. The theaters surround nearby Leicester Square, and China Town is a stone’s throw away. Trafalgar Square is also adjacent and a perfect spot to people watch and hang out with some enormous iconic lion statues.
  • Shoreditch (#shoreditch), on the east end of the city, has become a popular place for young people, artists and hipsters. You will find lots of places to eat and drink here, and it’s worth a walking tour to see the ever changing array of street art. You will find art by world famous street artists here.

This is, of course, just a jumping off point. Neighborhoods, by their very nature, are prone to change. Try diving into some of the local neighborhood hashtags to get a sense for what you might want to see or do there, before you finalize your plans.

Gram-Worthy and Amazing Things to Do in London

It’s impossible to run out of things to do and to photograph in London. The city is so full of history, cultural diversity, and creative energy, that there will always be more to do than you can possibly accomplish in one trip. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Go to the Museums. From the British Museum, to the National Gallery, the V&A, The Natural History Museum, and the Tate, you could fill a month. Museums are affordable and there are so many world treasures (such as the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum) that you won’t want to miss. Some smaller/less publicized museums that are fun to visit include the Welcome Center, which houses exhibits related to health care, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum. WWII history buffs will not want to miss Churchill’s War Rooms – an underground command center.

Have tea.How fancy you want to get with your tea party is up to you. You can live it up at the Ritz Carlton, or the Diamond Jubilee Tea Room at Fortnum and Mason’s. Or you even have tea with cats a Lady Dinah’s.  Make sure to have your camera ready for selfies and for London foodie shots.

Take an art walk in Shoreditch to see the ever changing  work of world class street artists.  You will find plenty of opportunities to take selfies and shots of Instagrammable London Walls here.

Visit Highgate Cemetery and count the famous graves you see. From Karl Marx to Douglas Adams…  Is it ok to take a selfie in a cemetery? I won’t judge you if you do. Highgate offers a lot of opportunities for taking artistic photos.

Shop in Camden Market and stroll along Regents Canal admiring all the houseboats.

See a show at the Globe Theater then go for a drink at one of the nearby pubs.

Get a bird’s eye view from the upper deck of a double decker bus, or better yet, from the London Eye. Some would argue that the Eye is a “must shoot” on the punchcard of London Instagram shots.

Shop till you drop at Harrods, Selfridges and Liberty of London.

Instagrammable Cafes and Restaurants in London

London is a melting pot and the food you can eat there today is a reflection of this. Here are a few of our personal favorites. You will find dozens more places you’ll want to try in the feeds of the recommended accounts below and in our Instagram guide.

Dishoom serves Indian food that you can share and linger over. You’ll wish you had them near you. Lines for tables can be long. Plan accordingly.

Camden Market and Borough Market offer a diverse collection of food stalls where you will find dishes from every corner of the globe.

Budget conscious travelers and Airbnb dwellers will find a fantastic selection of fresh, ready to eat food at M&S and Sainsbury’s.

Need a semi-healthy fast food pick-me-up? Try dining at Nando’s. It’s not necessarily the most photogenic London location but sometimes you gotta eat. Nando’s is a family friendly fast food place that serves fresh grilled chicken, sandwiches and sides like veggies, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese.

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Instagrammable London
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