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Instagram Friendly Cat Cafes of the World

Cat Cafes

Do you love cats, coffee and social media? This is a post about Instagrammable cat cafes that you can visit in real life, or virtually, via social media. Instagrammable cafes + Instagrammable cats? Perfection.

This post started with my obsessions with travel cats. I love to go on cat themed tours around the world. There’s so many great cat hashtags and cat related feeds to follow on Tiktok and Instagram but Cat cafes are particularly enjoyable to follow because most of them are dedicated to finding homes for local street cat population.

If you’ve never been to a cat cafe, and you are planning a trip you might want to check out some of our cat cafe hashtags and accounts. Even if you are not a huge cat lover, you can learn a lot about the locals by visiting a cat cafe. Plus cat cafes are some of the most Instagrammed places in the world.

Your voyage of Cat Cafe discovery starts here.

Time spent with cats is never wasted.

What is a Cat Cafe and Why Are There So Many Cat Cafes on Instagram?

A cat cafe is exactly what it sounds like – a cafe where humans can interact with cats. Cat cafes have become incredibly popular all over the world. Instagram and Tiktok are partly responsible for that popularity.

Cats and coffee are two of the most popular subjects on Instagram, Tiktok and beyond. But Cat Cafes pre-date social media.

Cat cafes have been around for over a hundred years. There are historical instances of cat cafes from the early 1900s. However, the trend has really taken off in the last decade. In fact cat cafes have grown so popular,  that the term “cat cafe” has been added to the Oxford dictionary.

Cat cafes serve a number of purposes. They allow people who are unable to have pets a chance to enjoy some of the benefits of pet ownership. These benefits include stress reduction, companionship and phenomenal photo ops.

Where Can I Find a Cat Cafe Near Me?

Cat cafes took Asia by storm in the last decade, and their popularity has spread all over the world. Japan still boasts the most cat cafes and the most specialized cat cafes of any nation. There are cat cafes in most European countries, Africa, Australia, all over the United States and in Canada and South America.

Some cat cafes are housed in rescue organizations or run for a limited time at a temporary location . These “pop up” cat cafes are often special adoption events, with cats being brought in for prospective families to interact with. Other cat cafes have cats in residence and have regular hours.

Chances are, there is a cat cafe somewhere near you! Check out local animal welfare sites for more information.

Most cat cafes have a cover charge that helps to offset the cost of care for the animals. Depending on location and popularity, you may need to make a reservation to visit with cats at a cat cafe. Most cafes have strict rules about the number of daily visitors. They may or may not allow walk ins depending on the number of guests present. Children may or may not be welcome, or may only be welcome on certain days.

Be sure to call ahead or check the cat cafe’s website/social and get the scoop before you show up, in order to avoid disappointment.

One thing is for sure… Cat cafes are popular! That’s because so many people love having coffee and snacks with cuddly cats.

What Kind of Cats Will I See at a Cat Cafe?

While some cat cafes may be specialized, promising a specific type of cat (black cats, fat cats etc), most cat cafes are not that specific.

Many cat cafes exist to help stray animals find homes. The cats you meet there may vary, breed-wise and age-wise. But almost every cat cafe carefully screens the cats that are allowed to roam the cafe. Nobody wants to come to a cafe full of mean cats that are assholes. Asshole cats are very bad for business! And also for photos.

Cats that are chosen for cat cafes must be in good health and have a good temperament. They must be outgoing, and not too shy. Ideally they should be friendly with strangers and not afraid of children. Additionally it is very important that any cats that are brought into the cat cafe, should be able to coexist peacefully (and hopefully playfully) with any other cats already in the environment.

Generally speaking you should expect to see healthy, friendly cats at a cat cafe. They may or may not be available for adoption.

How Should I Prepare for a Visit to a Cat Cafe?

If you have not spent much time around cats, you might want to talk to some friends with cats and/or do a little reading before you head to a cat cafe. Some things you might want to find out:

  • How to pet a cat (and how NOT to pet a cat)
  • How to read a cat’s body language
  • Cat breeds and traits (it is always fun to try to guess the breeds of the cats you meet)
  • How to play with a cat with cat toys (in case there will be toys for the cats and humans to interact with)
  • Cat etiquette (ie: Cats do not like prolonged eye contact, but they don’t mind it if you slow blink at them)

How Can I Get Great Instagrammable Cat Cafe Photos?

It doesn’t hurt to plan your photo ops if you want to share your cat cafe adventure on social media.

You might want to to have a few simple props on hand for for interacting with the cats and getting their attention. A long feather, tassel or other dangly item are always useful when getting a cat to look at your camera/phone. A small catnip filled toy (if allowed) is a great way to attract cats to your table.

Additional ideas for getting great photos include themed clothing and/or ears (for you). A remote control for your camera or phone is helpful for setting up shots where you will be in the photo. Consider wearing solid colors that will allow any lap cats to stand out in the picture. If you know the cafe has a lot of light colored cats, wear dark clothing. Vice versa if you will be visiting with black cats.  You can de-fuzz your shirt later!

Most importantly bring a good attitude and a healthy dose of patience. Cats are notoriously unimpressed by humans and social media.

Is it Safe to Eat/Drink at a Cat Cafe?

In most countries, Cat cafes are closely monitored and regulated by multiple agencies, looking out for the welfare of both the resident cats and the human patrons. Some the precautions you will notice:

Food preparation is either done in another location entirely or in a completely pet free part of the premises. In some cafes food can only be purchased in another area and brought into the area where cats are present by the patron. Other cat cafes offer table service, with staff bringing the food from a separate area to tables within the cafe.

Most cat cafes are scrupulously clean, with litter areas far from the area where cats interact with humans. Hand sanitizer is usually available at multiple stations, allowing visitors to clean their hands easily and frequently if they choose. It’s a good idea to sanitize after touching the animals, before eating.

Food choices vary at cat cafes. Some cafes offer minimal choices, sticking to a coffee bar menu. Others have a wider ranging menu that includes sandwiches and other cafe fair. Some cat cafes are quite famous for their cat themed baked goods and treats.

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